Q: Which Curriculum does the school follow?

A: Cresco School for Support Learning is registered with the department of education and follows the CAPS Curriculum with variations.

Q: How will you respond if or when my child struggles in class?

A: All learners receive individual attention and once a barrier has been identified the teacher addresses the problem immediately. When the expertise of another professional is required, parents will be informed and a meeting will be arranged to discuss the way forward and to ensure the best possible intervention.

Q:How will you discipline my child?

A: A child feels safe, when he or she experiences definite boundaries. At Cresco     School for Support Learning our learners are familiar with our assertive discipline structure.

These are the five rules that we follow:

  • Listen to instructions the first time they are given
  • Listen while someone else is speaking
  • Look after all property
  • Keep hand, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.


  • Behave appropriately

Q: Will my child be able to be placed back into mainstream education?

A: We have successfully placed learners back into mainstream, however it is recommended that parents have their children assessed by an Educational Psychologist. Based on the outcome of this assessment, recommendations will be made to place a learner in the best suited learning environment if and when the learner is ready.

Q: When will my child be ready to be placed into mainstream education?

A: Parents must understand that every child is unique. Placement of a learner depends on his/her progress. Regular meetings will be scheduled with parents, teachers and therapists to discuss the learner’s progress. The intervention process takes time and does not happen overnight. It is therefore imperative that all parties involved work to the benefit of the child.

Q: What is a Supported Mainstream class?

A: Assisted learning is offered in this class, where a standard curriculum is followed with teaching methods that will support the learner’s progress. Learners in this classroom environment often experience learning difficulty in reading/writing and arithmetic, but they have the ability to follow the core curriculum. Learners are placed in classes from grade R-7.

Q: What is (LSEN) and Bridging Class?

A: Assisted learning is offered in the LSEN class, where an adapted CAPS  curriculum is followed, a curriculum that makes provision for learners’ individual differences and needs. Learners in the LSEN class present with moderate general learning disability and the curriculum followed, prepares our learners for pre-vocational education. In the Bridging class we follow a curriculum that will prepare a learner for placement in the supported mainstream class.

Q: What is pre-vocational education?

A: This is a program designed to prepare learners aged 14-18 for eventual entry to a program of specific vocational training which will lead to a skills qualification.

Q: What is the number of learners in a class?

A : Ten learners per class in the Foundation phase

Fifteen learners in the Intersen phase.

Ten learners in the Special Needs and Bridging class

When it is deemed necessary an assistant will be allocated to a class.

Q How can I help my child at home and support the school so that my child will benefit from this kind of education?


  • Reading is one of the greatest challenges that we face. It is imperative that parents take the time to read with and to their children. Reading is the key to all learning.
  • Limit time in front of the television, cell phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Give your child your undivided attention during homework time and family time.
  • Build a relationship with your child’s teacher. Communicate with your child’s teacher regularly and refrain from discussing the teacher with your child. Rather arrange a meeting to solve matters.
  • Set firm boundaries in which a child feels safe.

Q: Does the school offer Extra Murals?

A: Cresco School offers Karate, Playball, IT Kids and Soccer skills and Young Engineers

Q: How do you measure academic progress?


  • Learners are assessed according to a 1-7 point scale as set out in the CAPS curriculum.
  • Learners receive report cards every term.

Q: What are the school fees and do we qualify for a tax rebate?

A: Please refer to the enrolment document with regards to school fees.

Please refer to tax claims for disability expenses in the South African tax guide.