Our History

Bellrona Academy home school was established, to assist learners in a small classroom environment where personal attention was and is still seen as the key factor in improved performance in education. Bellrona Academy opened its doors on the premises of the Wilro Park Baptist Church, starting with two learners and soon after that in 2009 Bellrona Academy was registered as a private primary school with the department of education. The church entered a new season as the congregation was growing and so did Bellrona Academy. With all the changes happening on these premises, Bellrona Academy had to seek an alternative location. Together with the move of the school, we became aware of the growing need of struggling learners requiring assistance and help with their challenges in mainstream education.

These changes led to a vision in a new direction as well as the Change of the school's name. The new name Cresco –School for support learning came about. Cresco is the Latin word for “TO GROW”. Along with the name change came a new approach to address barriers to learning.


CRESCO SCHOOL FOR SUPPORT LEARNING offers supported mainstream education in a small classroom environment. The school's emphasis is on providing an atmosphere conducive to successful learning, where individual attention is considered imperative to assist learners with barriers to learning. Learning content is presented in smaller sections to enable learners to work more independently. Learners referred to us, may experience challenges on a social, emotional, cognitive, concentration and sensory level. When joining Cresco learners are assessed to determine their academic levels in relation to the requirements of a standard curriculum. Learners are placed in a supported mainstream class or a LSEN and Bridging class, according to their scholastic abilities.

The school currently caters for learners from Grade R-7, with expansion plans in the future

The curriculum followed is CAPS aligned with additional educational programmes to address learning barriers. These programmes include Brain Gym, Audiblox, Reading therapy, Kinderkinetics, Computer lessons, Drama and Crafts as well as Study skills. We believe that reading is the key to all learning and therefor reading is part of our homework for all learners from Grade 1-7. Reinforcement of basic mathematical skills is part of our daily routine.

Our qualified, dedicated and experienced educators attend courses and workshops yearly to equip themselves with innovative ideas to help the learners overcome learning barriers.

Informative workshops and talks are presented to our parents on a regular basis to help them assist their children with the challenges that they face in their learning.

Learners are referred to us by teachers of Mainstream schools, Therapists, Educational Psychologists, the Education Department as well as friends and family of current learners. Occupational, Speech and Remedial therapists join us on a weekly basis to assist with the developmental and academic needs of learners. These therapy sessions are for the parents account.